Seasonal Variations | A (Very) Personal View Book CoverIn 1998, I made a “Book of Months” (See Below), that is, I physically made a book inspired by Medieval Books of Hours, in which I chartered seasonal variations noticed while dog walking and recorded them with small embroideries.

This interest continued as I stitched, painted, photographed, collaged and drew images over the years based on the ebb and flow of time, weather and growth – some of which illustrate this booklet.

Seasonal Variations Book Picture

It’s not all great, this seasonal variation stuff, I have been known to utter foul expletives as I skid along muddy footpaths, lashed by howling winds and bitter rain, hair frizzing and mascara washing down my cheeks…. but the blue and gold days and the verdant fabulousness of the gardens and landscape of the British Isles more than compensate.

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Book Of Months Cover

Book of Months.  This came about after I had made a book, years ago, in response to an invitation to Sheffield textile artists from the Ruskin Gallery to produce a piece of work based on their mineral collection or their collection of Books of Hours.

We were allowed to spend time researching  these and I was blown away by the Books of Hours and, as it happened, I had just learned how to make a book, so decided on a Book of Months with images and words based on my dog walks throughout the year.

So, made observations and very small embroideries over the 12 months put them all together in a fat little book of months.  Naturally,  after Beyond Borders, I knew the very person to commission to make a Birthday book based on it.

Book Of Months Int

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Beyond Borders Book CoverBeyond Borders. The idea for a book of poetry about pieces of my work came from a writer friend of mine in Whitby, Anthea Dove, and when she had written the poems, I commissioned Clare at Eleven Design to put images and words together in this little book – I think she made a lovely job of it.

Anthea and I decided to call it Beyond Borders because she lives in North Yorkshire and I live in Derbyshire.

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